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Marcia Fountain-Blacklidge MS:

Ravens Nest Studio - The Art of Marcia Fountain-Blacklidge; amazing!

Marcia Fountain-Blacklidge
"Gather the Women" video

"The Indians of Hungry Hollow" - award winning book written by Marcia

Kent Hackleman Blacklidge Ph.D.:

GMO talk (video) at Mid-North Shepherd's Center/Indy - October 28, 2015

GMO Power Point Presentation - Angola, IN June 2nd, 2016

GMO Power Point Presentation (handouts below; see "Genetic Engineered Specific" section below for more)

Kent Blacklidge Blog: The Kokomo Dispatch Reborn (My opinion about many issues!)

William E. Blacklidge booklet - Blacklidge family history. This booklet was published in Kokomo, IN, in 1921

Saga of Hans and Emma Reinertsen - Family story of Scandinavian ancestry (Norway and Sweden)

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Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Hydroponics & Mushrooms
Associations, NGOs, and Organizations
CAFOs (Confinement animal feeding operations)
Food and More
Genetically Engineered Specific (GMOs)
Government and Government Agencies
Magazines, News, Periodicals, Books, DVDs, Videos, etc.
Newspapers - General Circulation
News Organizations and Resources
Scientific Papers
Seeds, Supplies, Gardening

Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Hydroponics & Mushrooms

Growco Indoor Garden Supply (hydroponics, etc.) - located in Grand Rapids, MI
Magnificant Mushrooms - Indiana based mushroom growers, suppliers, and educators
Rain Fresh Harvests - organic produce and aquaculture based in Plain City, OH
Recirculating Farms Coalition - promotes recirculating aquaponics
RDM Shrimp Farm - raise salt water shrimp in tanks; Benton County, IN

Associations, NGOs, and Organizations

Allermates - all about kids and allergies
Audubon Society - birds and much more
BioCrossroads - catalyst for life science ideas and advancements in Indiana
Demeter USA - biodynamic practices to heal the planet through agriculture
Center for Food Safety - promotes organic and other sustainable agriculture
Cornucopia Institute - small farm issues and resources
Dr. Mercola - natural health products and articles
Earth Justice - because the Earth needs a good lawyer
EcoCert - an inspection and certification organization world wide
Environmental Defense Fund - EDF works to preserve the natural systems upon which we depend
Environmental Working Group - dedicated to protecting human health and the environment
Farm Aid - promotes family farm system of agriculture; Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp
Food and Water Watch - champions of healthy food and clean water
Food Democracy Now - dedicated to building a sustainable food system
Food Integrity Now - accurate and timely information on food and health related issues
Food Tank- building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters
Grace Communications Foundation - advocates of sustainable alternatives to current industrial food system
Indiana Academy of Science - organization to promote science
Indiana Aquaculture Association - promoters of aquaculture in Indiana
Indiana Aquaponics Association - regional assn. including Indiana
Indiana Organic Gardners Association - Mostly "backyard" gardeners growing flowers and safe foods
Institute of Science in Society - UK based online magazine; science, society, sustainability
International Organic Inspectors Association - organic inspector training and networking
Jane Goodall - scientist and promoter of care for human community, animals, and environment
Natural Products Association - oldest association dedicated to the natural products industry
MOSES - Organic & Sustainable Education Service; annual largest conference on sustainable farming
National Heirloom Exposition - massive world's pure food fair; California event
Only Organic - telling about organic agriculture and food production; New MacDonald video!
Organic Consumers Association - over 2,000,000 members; promotes good health and sustainability
Purdue Master Gardener Program - garden education and advice
Rodale Institute - over 60 years of research and promotion of organic farming
Roots and Shoots - Jane Goodall site for youth
Seafood Watch - sustainable seafood harvesting
Weston Price Foundation - restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet

CAFOs (Confinement animal feeding operations)

Indiana CAFO Watch - all about the problems with confinement animal feeding in Indiana
Factory Farm Drones - video of N.Carolina CAFO/Smithfield you must see


To come

Food and More

American Towns - wide range of information about communities
Eat Local Grown - find locally grown foods
Eat Well Guide
Eden Foods - oldest natural/organic food company in North America; product and articles; Clinton MI
F.A. Farm - a Washington state CSA; has videos, blog, and essays on web site
Farmers Market Online
Hole in the Woods Farm - CSA near Culver
Indy Fruit - suppliers of fresh fruits and veggies to retailers from Indianapolis location
Kokomo Downtown Farmers' Market - locally grown food and products
Local Dirt
Local Growers Guild - Bloomington based coop of farmers in central and south Indiana; fresh produce
Local Organic Foods - real food, real farmers, real community; CSAs, Farmers Mkts, and Coops
Rain Fresh Harvests - organic produce and aquaculture based in Plain City, OH
Real Time Farms
Sheepdog Farms - pasture based farming (poultry, eggs, beef, pork); West Lafayette
Simply Organic - organic food products and recipes
Sunspot Natural Market - two locations; Kokomo and West Lafayette
Trader's Point Creamery - organic dairy farm and artisan creamery; Zionsville, IN
USDA Farmers' Markets Directory

Genetically Engineered Specific, GMOs (pro and con)

Ag-West Bio - Canadian agriculture biotechnology association (very pro-GMOs)
Are GMOs Toxic? - Mother Earth News interview with Dr. Thierry Vrain
American Academy of Environmental Medicine - recommend no GMO consumption
Claire Hope Cummings - author of "Uncertain Peril" book about genetic engineering and future of seeds
Dr. Stephanie Seneff - MIT Senior Research Scientist; about GMOs and Glyphosate
Earth Open Source - scientific research reporting on GMOs and pesticides
Find Our Common Ground - farm women site promoting "modern" agriculture practices (pro-GMOs)
Genet - the European GMO-free Regions' Network; debate about genetic engineering; videos
Gene Watch - UK site about biotechnology in foods and environment
GMO Free USA - advocates for sustainable food & ecological systems; food transparency!
GMO Myths and Truths- 2nd Edition
GMOs Safe to Eat, Says Science - article from The Week/ June 3,2016
GM Watch - news and comment on GMOs.
Indiana Right to Know GMO - part of a larger group of states "right to know"
Institute for Responsible Technology - Jeffrey Smith site about GMOs; author and educator
Int'l Service for the Aquisition of Agri-biotech Applications; GM approved crops worldwide
Just Label It - advocate for labeling GMOs
Label GMOs - inform public about potential risks to GMOs
Non GMO Project - verification and labeling of non-gmo foods; look for the label!
Robyn O'Brien - Food's Erin Brockovich; author of "The Unhealthy Truth" book
Say No To GMOs - archive site for information; no longer being updated past 2012
Seneff Graphics - graphic correlations for glyphosate and human disease
Steven M. Druker - author of "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth" book; excellent & very detailed
Sustainable Pulse - world news about GMOs; articles and images

Government and Government Agencies

AirNow - Air quality database and current conditions
EPA Toxic Release Database - EPA data on toxic chemicals in environment
Indiana Department of Environmental Management - in short the IDEM
Indiana Department of Natural Resources - in short the DNR
United States National Institutes of Health
United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Indiana State Chemist - watchdogs for pesticide use/abuse, animal feeds, fertilizers, seeds
United States Bureau of Land Management - manage mostly western states federal property
United States Central Intelligence Agency
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - all things environment
United States Federal Register - federal information resources
United States Dept of Agriculture Farmers' Markets Directory
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - all federal agriculture policies and programs
United States Department of Agriculture/ Agriculture Research Service - in house research arm of USDA
United States Department of the Interior - protect natural resources and heritage
United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) - federal food and drug policy/regulation
United States Forest Service (USFS) - manage 154 national forests & 20 grasslands
United States Government Publishing Office - all information resources
United States National Park Service - manage all national parks

Magazines, News, Periodicals, Books, DVDs, Videos, etc.

Acres USA - books, videos, magazine; all about Organic Farming/Gardening
Aquaculture Magazine - all about "farming" in water
Birds & Blooms - says it all
Composting Guide - how to do it
Environmental Health News - news stories on environmental topics
Environmental News Network - wide range of environmental news
Growing Your Greens - videos about growing veggies
Horticulture - food and flowers
Mother Earth News - magazine guide to homestead living; originated in Indiana
Natural News - natural health news & self reliance; stories not seen elsewhere


Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steven Druker (w/ Jane Goodall)
American Catch
Bringing Nature Home
Crisis and Opportunity
Dangerous Liaisons - by Dr. Norman Ellstrand
Epigenetic Revolution
Fast Food Nation - by Eric Schlosser
Food, Inc. - by Karl Weber
Genetic Roulette - by Jeffrey Smith
GMO Food Poison Handbook
Intervention - by Denise Caruso
Missing Microbes
Monsanto vs The World - by Jason Louv
Organic Manifesto - by Maria Rodale
Poison Spring - by E.G. Vallianatos
Seeds of Deception - by Jeffrey Smith
Seeds of Destruction
Silent Spring - by Rachael Carson
Small Farms Are Real Farms
The New Organic Grower
The Sea Around Us - by Rachael Carson
The Unhealthy Truth - by Robyn O'Brien
The Verticle Farm - by Dr. Dickson Despommier
The War on Bugs - by Will Allen
The World According to Monsanto - by Marie-Monique Robin
Tomorrow's Table - by Ramela Ronald & Raoul Adamchak
Uncertain Peril - by Claire Hope Cummings
Unhealthy Truth - by Robyn O'Brien

Movies and DVDs

A Place at the Table
King Corn
Dirt, the Movie
Food, Inc
Food Matters
Genetic Roulette
Hidden Dangers
Hungry for Change
Queen of the Sun
Scientists Under Attack
Seed: The Untold Story
Seeds of Freedom
The Future of Food
Unnatural Selection

Newspapers - General Circulation

Anderson Herald Bulletin - Anderson, Indiana
Branches - kind of New Age/New Thought tone
Carroll County Comet - THE paper for Carroll County
Chicago Tribune
Epoch Times
Indiana Daily Student - Indiana University student newspaper
Indianapolis Star - our state capitol newspaper
Investors Business Daily
Kokomo Dispatch
- to Kent Blacklidge Blog
Kokomo Tribune - the daily newspaper for over 100 years
Kokomo Post - a new digital for Kokomo, Indiana
Lebanon Reporter - Lebanon, Indiana
Lafayette Independent - weekly "progressive"
Lafayette Journal Courier - Lafayette, Indiana
Logansport Pharos Tribune - once owned by the Druck family
Malheur Enterprise - small newspaper in western Oregon, Vale.
Marion Chronicle Tribune - once owned by the Thomas family
New York Post
New York Times - once healthy and prosperous; not now
Noblesville Times - Noblesville, Indiana
Purdue Exponent - Purdue Campus student newspaper
Tipton Tribune - Tipton, Indiana
USA Today - started by Al Neuhearth years ago
Wall Street Journal
Washington Examiner
Washington Post - once guided by Kathryn Graham & Ben Bradley; now Bezos
Zionsville Times Sentinel - Zionsville, Indiana
Hoosier State Chronicles at the Indiana State Library; 225,000 newspaper pages
Inspire - a service of the Indiana State Library
Newspaper Archive - pay service to access millions of newspaper pages; $99.95 per six months - pay service to access millions of newspaper pages; $79.95 per year
W3Newspapers - site listing all newspapers by state with links

50 States - site with all sorts of state information including newspapers
TownNews - site with resources for doing a digital newspaper

News Organizations and Resources

Freedom of Information Access (SPJ) - about freedom of information
Hoosier State Press Association - most of Indiana's newspapers belong to this organization
Hoosier State Press Association INFO Net - articles by and for Indiana newspapers
Indiana Access to Public Records Act - Public Access Counselor
Inland Press Association
Investigative Reporters and Editors Association - goal is to improve quality of investigative reporting
John S & James L Knight Foundation - owned the Miami Herald, industry giants
National Society of Newspaper Columnists - for writers of columns and serial essay in any medium
100 Reporters - new journalism in a new age
Hindawi Publishing Corporation - open access to 438 peer-reviewed journals
Pew Charitable Trust - studies and information on a wide range of subjects
Poynter Institute - the Poynters started in Kokomo!; Leaders in journalism from St. Petersburg, FL
Scrivener Software - software program for writers/journalists
Society of Environmental Journalists - environment watchdogs
Society of Professional Journalists - set the standards for journalists
Source Watch - independent investigative journalism


Beyond Pesticides - information on pesticides and alternatives
Dr. Stephanie Seneff - MIT Senior Research Scientist; about GMOs and Glyphosate
Earth Open Source - scientific research reporting on GMOs and pesticides
Field Watch/ Drift Watch (about pesticides) - designed by staff from Purdue
Glyphosate Articles - misc.
Kids on the Front Line - Executive Summary
Kids on the Front Line - Full report
My Food Stuff - the poisoning of our food
National Pesticide Information Center - objective, science based information about pesticides
Pesticide Info (Pesticide Database) - Pesticide Action Network (PAN) database on pesticides
Pesticide Action Network of North America - advancing alternatives to pesticides worldwide
Robyn O'Brien - Food's Erin Brockovich

EPA Toxic Release Database - EPA data on toxic chemicals in environment

Politics and More

Drudge Report
Howey Politics - about Indiana politics
Huffington Post
Indiana Policy Review - Indiana and local issues
Kent Blacklidge Blog
On The Issues - candidate and office holder positions on issues
Real Clear Politics
The Daily Beast
The Daily Caller

Scientific Papers

Academia Edu - site for sharing of scientific papers; many unpublished in journals
America's Health Rankings - not good, we are not a healthy nation; annual reports by state
eLife Journal - open source journal for biomedical and life sciences
e-Science Central - access to open access scientific journals and papers
Hindawi Publishing Corporation - open access to 438 peer-reviewed journals
Independent Science News - the other side of science
OMICS International - directory of open access journals

Seeds, Supplies, Gardening and more

Annie's Heirloom Seeds - Old fashioned varieties gardeners love best!
Burgess Seed & Plant Co. - seeds and plants; Bloomington, IL
Growers Supply - greenhouses, gardening and nursery supplies
Gurney's Seed & Nursery Co. - seed and nursery supplies; Greendale, IN
Organic Seed Growers - trade association to protect, promote, and develop organic seeds
Pactiv Foodservice/Food Packaging - packaging products for foodservice and foods
Pollinator Partnership - all about bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, and more
Pollinator Guide for Indiana and all of the Eastern Broadleaf Forest
Seed Savers Exchange - dedicated to saving & sharing heirloom seeds
Spectrum Seed - premium non-GMO seed corn; Linden, IN
Urban Farmer Seeds - organic seed and garden supplies & education; Westfield, IN

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